How A Concrete Flooring is Polished 

Based on experience and training, each concrete polishing service provider will perform the polishing of concrete in different ways. In this article, you will learn some basic understandings and guidelines on how to polish concrete. 

A Quick Guide to Polishing Concrete Flooring 

The Scratch Test 

The MOHS Hardness test or scratchness test basically tell us the concrete’s hardness as well as helps us determine the right diamond hardness of the grinding tools to start the first polishing step using a diamond material. 

Hone Grinding 

The first big noteworthy distinction professionals have is whether to dry grind or wet grind. When choosing how your concrete should be polished, take this key safety and health factor into consideration. Some professional concrete contractors perform its grinding in a wet method for the sake of the well-being as well as overall health of their customers and employees. This will be extensively discussed in this post. The initial stages of grinding concrete surfaces will be done through progressively following the diamond’s grit number, fully achieving the refinement of the concrete surface without leaving any signs of visible scratches. 

Diamond Tools for Grinding 

The process of polishing concrete is possibly made by a certain tool that contains diamonds fully embedded in the ceramic, metal, or resin matrix. There are actually a lot of diamond tool types for different circumstances. Most of the time, they can different in pattern, shape, hardness, rim lippage, as well as diamond or grit size.  

It‘s also very important to bear in mind that when you start on achieving the even scratch pattern as well as appropriate grit size and if you follow a correct refinement sequence, you will surely achieve an effective to have a greatly polished concrete flooring for your residential or commercial property. Also, you should remember that the higher the grit for final process you have used, the finer the pattern of the scratch will be, which results in a much shinier finish.   


Technically, densifiers are first of all distinguished for their basic chemical content. There are three major kinds of densifiers available and these are Lithium, Sodium and Potassium based. Most professional concrete service providers use lithium-based type of densifier. It’s because densifiers that are lithium-based penetrates into the surface of the concrete which increases its density and then helping it in eliminating dust. Commonly, this is referred to as a process of sealing a concrete flooring. However, it’s also utilized as a major part of polishing concrete flooring. 


The polishing stage of concrete flooring is quite similar to the grinding process of concrete but it uses much finer diamond tools. In fact, the diamond tools that are used during this process may often different in material and shape composition. Polishing then occurs when a concrete flooring becomes highly refined and it already starts to shine. To know more about concrete flooring polishing, repair, or maintenance, or if you have an upcoming project that involves this task, then consider contacting a professional concrete service provider such as Kingston concrete maintenance in your area.